Gorka Sierra

Ecumenicon is a work of value, without pretensions. It is extensive, original, a whole concept, not just an idea. The themes Ecumenism and Peace have never been as up-to-date and crucial as they are today. Therefore, the choice of topic and that of the texts supporting it is excellent.

On the other hand, the originality is also presented in the choice of the performers: choir of a combination of voices, a soloist, a recite, a group of percussionists that transform the work into something unique in its genre. However, the originality reaches even further and is perceived in the processing and variety of the rhythms applied and the modal character of harmony. It is a modern piece but it pleases the ear and is interesting to listen to.

I believe that both for the reason of the choice of topic and of its transfer to pentagram, Ecumenicon is a work of art worth of a splendid future, its presentation raised the curiosity and the approval of the audience.
We really hope that Yuri Chuguyev will provide us with more works as finely outlined and of an imagination as subtle as that of this present work.
Gorka Sierra
Composer, Director of ‘Coral de Bilbao’ Society